Frequently asked questions

How much are BCCA HOA fees?

BCCA HOA fees are $260 per month. Members of the Sago Point HOA have an additonal fee of $147 per month.

How can I get my HOA fees auto drafted?

Please complete the ACH Authorization form and return the form to the BCCA office with a voided check. Our office does rest of the work for you. You can either email the form and a copy of the voided check to or drop it off in our office.

Where can I get a new RFID Tag for my vehicle?

Please call 727-399-9672 to make an appointment to get a new RFID tag. We can meet you in the small parking lot near the back gate to apply and test the tag. Each tag is $20 which can be paid with cash or a check made out to BCCA.

How can I update my contact information?

Each resident has access to the website DwellingLIVE. This website allows you to update contact information, add guests to enter the community, add a pet, add photos of each resident residing in the home and update how you prefer to get community notificaitons. If you forgot your password, just email us at and we will reset your password. If your email address or phone number have changed, please be sure to notify us so we can update all of our records. We don't want you to miss out on important communication.

What steps are needed to remodel the exterior of my home?

An ACC application needs to be completed and approved by the ACC committee. If the estimate is $15,000 or more, there is a required $2000 deposit and a compliance deposit form must be signed. When the application is approved and the deposit collected, work can begin. After completion of construction of the improvements of the property and compliance with all requirements of the ACC resulting in final approval of construciton by the ACC, the compliance deposit is typically returned to the homeowner within 30 days after the date of final approval of construction by the ACC, less any sums deducted for any damge done by the contractor. Each homeowner is responsible for their vendors. please refer to Section 7 of the BCCA Architectural Control Committee Procedures, Standards, Rules and Regulations.

Can I park in the street?

Parking in the street is allowed in front of one's own property during the hours of 7 am through 11 pm only. However, all contractors must leave the community by 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday. No contractors are allowed in the community on Sundays unless it is an emergency. Please review Section 7.3 of the ACC Procedures, Standards, Rules and Regulations for clarification.

Where can I file a community issue?

The community's safety and upkeeping it's standards are our number one priority. Please give us written form of any issue within the community. It can be in the form of an email, letter or note delivered to our office. We take pride in addressing each issue promptly and correcting any issue.

How do I order an estoppel?

Please email your request to and note the property address in the subject line. Please include the buyer's name and the closing date in your request. If your request needs expedited, please also notify us in your request.